A Few Updates on the Adoption

I’ve had a couple of people ask if we have heard any updates lately. Yes and no. There is some confusion regarding the household registration for Miranda (this is what clears her formally for adoption, or something, basically allows a name change I think). This is usually done the week you pick up your child or close to it. This gets forwarded to AIT where you have your exit interview and get your childs passport and documents. As you may recall we had been allowed to skip the step for TECO signature on our adoption contracts. It was deemed that the German courts verification of our notary’s signature was enough. There seems to be some problem with this now, two months later. This could cause some issues and is possibly holding up the adoption (so far as I can figure out anyway). The registration office has said it wants the power of attorney signed by TECO. After communicating with two TECO offices here in Germany months ago there is some confusion there as well. One office said they do not sign adoption contracts, another office said they do. The office in our district is the one who said they don’t sign. And we would have to use the office in our district. So we need someone in Taiwan to get this office to understand what we need if we have to go that route. The other choice presented is to sign the registration in person while we are there. The processing takes “about a week” according to our agency’s rep at the orphanage. I am not sure if that makes an additional week (so two weeks there total) or what. We are waiting on clarification of that. We also now have questions about how that would impact the type of visa she would come home on (not to mention additional costs for travel and Paul’s vacation time after the adoption would be used up and Patrick missing more school). We did not plan to come through a US port before returning to Germany (as most families are going to the US this is usually not a concern). Certain visa’s require passing through a US port (again, so far as we understand it). Once we get the TECO issue worked out we will speak with our contact at the Frankfurt US embassy and try to sort out the visa issue. Long and complicated story short, there are a few roadblocks happening right now and this is potentially delaying our hearings and rulings on the adoption. Our agency has also lost the site where update photo’s had been kept. The company who owned Club Photo closed without any warning to anyone and all the sites pictures were taken off and the site no longer exists. Our agency is working to get the a new site in time for April’s update pictures, which should be coming soon. Continued good thoughts and prayers are most appreciated!

One thought on “A Few Updates on the Adoption

  1. Wow… I can see how all this red tape could just tug so hard at your heartstrings! And, seeing the photos of adorable Miranda, I can imagine that all you want is to hold that cutie in your arms!I’ll definitely be sending positive thoughts your way!Carol


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