Ahh, quiet

I’ve missed this nice quiet around here. I can plug in my iPod and listen to whatever music I want to listen to. I think I am going to take today off from chores (not a huge difference from normal, I know) and try to continue to kick this jetlag to the curb. How can I still have jetlag? It’s been a week like I posted yesterday but once again I was up till after two am. I am going to freak out pretty soon. That little Boo alarm clock came in at 6:45 am. 30 minutes before the official alarm would have gone off. Uggghhh. He’s at school and thrilled to be there though. We saw his teacher and the headmistress in the lobby and even his classmate L came straight over when she saw him to say hi. They are becoming good friends. We’ve scheduled another playdate for next week. She is the sweetest little girl.

Before we left for vacation I had started on a little project and last night it really took off. I’m writing again. I sat down last night and added another 3,000 words and only stopped because while the ideas were flowing well, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. (Hah, they stayed open as soon as I turned out the light!) So maybe I am writing another book? Who knows. I am enjoying seeing where these characters go though. Maybe I will just keep writing these things and filing them away and something will come from it. Maybe someone wants to pay me millions for them! Now wouldn’t that be nice?

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