Where can I find a Target!

I need a Target store. I love these stores. Each time we’ve gone to the US since we moved here we have spent about $200 (or more) buying up anything and everything we can think of we may need and can’t get in Germany. Childrens and infants Tylenol, cough medicine, deoderants, razors, face soap, sunscreen, fruit snacks. And on and on. I know you are probably thinking, Germany has these things (well except for Tylenol). But my friends, for me, they just can’t compare. I don’t do the homeopathic thing, just give me the drugs. Even the paracetamal (sp ?) does nothing when I get my big ole migranes. Tylenol Extra Strength please! The German sunscreen made my poor baby breakout into the most red rash all over his pearly white skin. He’s got such sensitive skin, poor thing.

I’ve been in a funk lately. Miserable, moody, me. I am annoyed that I can’t find certain things that I would like or need. The latest was a Yoga mat. I really, really want to get back into doing this to get rid of that Miserable Moody Me. I would have just hopped in my car, driven to Target/Kohls/Walmart and bought a Yoga mat. But there are no Target/Kohls/Walmarts here. So where to go? I don’t want to spend 50euros. Dh took me to SportsArena. And low and behold, Yoga Mat. It’s befuddling (yes, real word) to me that I didn’t think of that. Maybe because if you can’t get it online, I don’t know it exists. I used to love to shop at the mall. Now I hate even going anywhere near Galleria. Maybe it’s the small parking garages or the fact you have to pay to park or that nothing ever fits without trying on a lot of stuff because I still have trouble figuring out converting US to German sizing. The biggest complaint I have is with shoes. What to do when you have a narrow foot? None of the sizes here fit because they are all too wide. Dh says because everyone walks here, their feet are just wider. I don’t know. I just want a decent pair of shoes that fit my little foot.

I suppose I had better get on my mat. I need to Yoga away this stress.

3 thoughts on “Where can I find a Target!

  1. Weird! I find many brands of shoes here much too narrow and I don’t wear wide sizes in the States.I was eyeing a yoga mat, belt and block set at Quelle.de a while back. I got my sewing machine from there, and a couple other things, and they seem to be a pretty good retailer. (I’ve heard very few complaints about them)


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