A Sightseeing Sunday

Yesterday we decided to go to Venlo Netherlands to check out the Tref SuperMarket that Heather talked about on her blog. After getting directions and triple checking store hours for Sunday (it seems the Dutch can figure out a way to co-exist with stores being open on a Sunday, listen up Germans!) we set off about 10:30. After an hour we come to the conclusion we were almost there but needed a lunch break. So we hit up Boo’s favorite – The Yellow M. I must say Germany does the Yellow M right, quite fancy really. Very posh and all that in comparsion with the US M’s I’ve been to. (The picture isn’t so good, but gives you an idea of the comfy seats and trendy decor.)

So refueled we climbed back on the A61 and headed into Venlo. What a cute little town! We drove over to the Tref. And to our horrified discovery – it was closed. Now, I may not completely grasp German all that well but even I know the days of the week. The Tref website states : Verkaufsoffene Sonntage:von 12:00 bis 17:00 Uhr Ok, Sonntage is Sunday. My dictionary wasn’t so good with Verkaufsoffene. So what did I mistranslate?? Why weren’t they open? Babelfish says Verkaufsoffene means “salesopen”, umm, no they weren’t. Very disappointing! We left our grocery hopes behind and decided to salvage the day by seeing what else was around and headed into a parking garage so we could walk around. It seems nearly every other store in Venlo was open. Book shops, clothing stores, cheese stores. We spent a relaxing hour walking around the town taking in the sights. One funny one was a Pearl Vision store. A little bit of good ole US smack dab in the middle of Venlo, Netherlands! That was weird to see, I wasn’t expecting a eyeglass store from the US there. The best part of this place was that on a Sunday, things were open and it’s only a short one hour and 15 minute ride from our house. I think we may make Venlo a once a month trip just for the novelty of being able to go shopping on a Sunday!

Once we returned home we did a few more fun things. The boys got ice cream and I got to drool over a car. Not just any car, a Mini Cooper. Which I have loved and will love till the end of time. We have decided to add a second car, selling dh’s beloved Harley (which has always been the plan) and getting something fun. Like a Mini Cooper. Or a convertible. The biggest problem is I don’t drive a manual transmission, which most cars here are. We bought a stick once and I tried to drive, I really made a good effort, but no luck. I just prefer all my hands on the wheel or one on the wheel and the other wrapped around a Starbucks Latte. 🙂 So even though we can find wonderful prices on a Mini manual, we continue the search for the elusive automatisches Senden. I will say, and have made it known to dh, if we get this Mini or convertible, he’s not likely to get his hands on it. He’s going to be regaled to driving the mom-mobile station wagon for awhile. After all, I am turning 30, I need a little mid-life crisis toy this month.

Adding a linky-link. I’ve converted my dh to the dark side, blogging that is. His blog is in my links section (Favorite Reads), Where In The World Is Paul?

3 thoughts on “A Sightseeing Sunday

  1. The German words are almost identical to Verkaufsoffene Sonntage. I assume that what it means is that on Shopping Sundays, like we have here, those are the hours they’re open. Quite misleading, though.You’ll look great in a Mini. I want a ride.Also, if you feel old just think of me. I’ll be 41 this month.


  2. Yes, that’s it – it means that they are only open on certain Sundays and when they are, those are the hours. They must have some of the same Sunday shopping rules as Germany for certain stores. Weird that the other stores were open though.


  3. Sorry, am slow to find you here. It is as j and christina say, that when they are open Sundays, those are the hours. the downtown and tref are open sometimes the same sundays, sometimes different.tref open sundays the rest of this year: oct 7, oct 28, nov 4, dec 2. downtown open sundays (where you were): jun 3, sept 2, oct 7, nov 4, dec 2, dec 16.


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