Soap. Detergent. Tell me how you wash (your clothes!)

I have been noticing a bit of a problem lately with our clothes. They just don’t seem to be getting clean enough (eww). I put a pair of Boo’s socks through two wash cycles (one regular, 30 min and one intensiv 2 hour and 15 min cycle) and they are still icked on the bottoms. Light blue socks and brown bottoms. It’s got to be the detergent right? We have used Spee (?) I think it was. I bought the store brand Ja (smells worse than a dirty sock) which made my sensitive skin itch like the dickens. So dh bought this the last time when he went shopping since I said I needed detergent.Well, this doesn’t seem to work any better than the others (not to mention it came with this detergent ball thing to measure the out the detergent. I much prefer the cap that pours the leftover back in the bottle.) I need a little help since Cheer Free isn’t exactly on the German market (if you know how to get it on the black market, just let me know). What detergent is working for you? Industrial strength, bio-friendly, it doesn’t matter. I just need clean. You know what I mean? Maybe I should ask Christina, she was doing one of those consumer test type things…I’m off to find out.

6 thoughts on “Soap. Detergent. Tell me how you wash (your clothes!)

  1. A 30 min regular wash cycle sounds very short for Europe. Are you using an American model? as I have noticed when in the USA that the wash cycles there are very short.We used to user Persil or Ariel which got out clothes clean. Now we use the Bio products from Ecover and sodasan, which clean really well as well.


  2. I find the powders clean better. I use Ariel and add a scoop of one of the Oxy products (Ariel is supposedly the same as Tide, I need to check this out before I make my post). That even gets out those stubborn grease spots hubby often has on his shirts without me having to do any pretreatment.Oh yeah, and like Haddock said, my wash cycles are usually 1-2 hours, depending on the cycle I use.


  3. We use the “Color” powdered detergent from Aldi/Penny/Lidl (wherever we happen to be shopping when it’s on the grocery list) and it seems fine. My short cycle is just over an hour and the regular cycle is 1 1/2 hours depending on how hot the water is. BUT I have found that some of my kids socks do tend to stay kind of “muddy” on the bottom. Maybe it’s just the socks? You could maybe try pre-soaking them first.


  4. ariel is the euro version of tide, with a different scent. Sparky has done some work for P&G and thus confirmed it for me. I am a big tide fanatic.and i know you probably already know this, buuut, when i first started using a front loader, i put the detergent in the wrong slot for about 2 months. needless to say, once i figured it out, out clothes were a LOT cleaner.


  5. I bought some Ariel, we’ll see how it goes.@Jen – I read translated directions like 7 times every time I did laundry for about a month to be sure. I even have certain cycles/settings translated and taped to the washer, just in case.@Christina – would I put the Oxy in with the detergent (same time)? Which oxy do you buy, there were a lot at the store!


  6. I use the Schlecker brand Oxy stuff. I tried the Vanish and the one in the red bucket as well (forget the name). They both work, but so does the Schlecker one and it’s cheaper. I put a scoop in with the detergent. If the stuff is really gross, like when I wash the dog’s bed cover, I put a second scoop in the pretreat section as well and add the Vorwäsche and Intensiv/Flecken options too.


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