Return of the Mother’s Day Curse

It’s back! The Mother’s Day Curse. Well, that’s what I am going to call it now that two years in a row, the day after Mother’s Day we have spent it at the hospital. Different hospitals but still a hospital. Last year (pre-blogging era) after a great trip to Paris and Disney I bustled Boo off to school and sat down to have a nice breakfast. Only to get a phone call about ten am saying I needed to get to school immediately to take Boo to the doctor because he fell, hit his head and is “not acting right”. I had my shoes on before I even hung up the phone. This was the longest ten minute drive of my entire life (a different school than his current one). Arrive at school, throw the car in park and fly inside. He’s in the principals office, completely dazed, whiter than his normal Irish white by about ten shades and has just thrown up. Now they say, it’s best to take him directly to a hospital. He’s apparently fallen on the playground while either riding a trike or fell near a trike, no one knows because no one saw it. Thankfully an assistant teacher is going to come with me and help me get to a hospital. Some background notes, we had at this point lived in Germany for exactly 2 months and 12 days. I hadn’t even identified a good pediatrician yet let alone scoped out a hospital.
So back to the story. We get in the car, assuring her I can drive while she sits in back with Boo. We get to the first hopsital near the Post Tower. Finally figure out how to get in from the parking (which it turns out wasn’t actually patient parking) and get him inside, cajoling him to keep him from going unconsious. Once inside, the teacher asks for help. Someone finally comes to us. She explains and the doctor (who can see my son needs help now) says, I’m Sorry, we don’t treat children with a head injury, you’ll have to go somewhere else. Are You Kidding Me? So back to the car and heading for the next hospital in Venusberg (Boo proceeds to vomit repeatedly in the car). Finally get checked in. While waiting to be seen, Boo vomits all over my coat which I held under him while the nurses just walked right by us. We get looked at and they take him to a room, where he vomits and promptly falls asleep.
I then get to step outside and call my husband who is in Paris, hours away at work and tell him his son is in the hospital. Dh got the first flight possible and was back by 5pm. Boo stayed in the hospital for two days.
Less than a week later, he gets the stomach flu (how I don’t know as he wasn’t allowed to go to school for two weeks and we hadn’t left the house once). So I take him to the doctor to be sure he’s ok. After waiting an hour to be seen I finally harrassed the front desk lady – pointing out that my son has vomited once already and is now asleep in the waiting room – and saw the doctor. Because of our recent head injury she decides he should go back to the hospital. So visit number two. But this time the Kinderklinik Childrens Hospital (the best one). So we spend three days there. My poor baby has now been in hospitals twice in one week and endured IV’s each time.
Well, we continued the tradition Monday night! After school we played with some new friends at the playground. I noticed his pinkie was a very strange purple color and swollen. He said he fell at lunch recess (of course he did not tell his teacher). He could bend it and he didn’t seem to really be in pain so I didn’t worry too much about it. During dinner, dh looked at it. We were going to keep an eye on it. After dh gets back from a bike ride (Boo is in bed) he looks at it again and it’s even more swollen and purple. After ten minutes with an ice pack it’s still not looking good. So we decide to go to Kinderklinik since they have an acute care after hours facility. We knew it wasn’t broken, he could move it, but he said it didn’t hurt too much and we figured that was because it was so purple from lack of blood it was actually numb and he couldn’t feel it.
One pajama clad boy and two tired parents head to the hospital. Once we get past the language barrier and a doctor comes to the front desk she says, yes it doesn’t look right (umm, duh). But so sorry, we don’t have an xray or a “bone surgeon” here. You’ll have to go to Venusberg Uni-Klinik. (Is this a German thing? Like instead of pass the buck, pass the patient?) Back to the car, to Uni-Klinik. Ok, this place is monstor huge! About ten to fifteen different buldings and no obvious place where Emergency would be. We drive around a bit and finally call dh’s co-worker who is German to ask what emergency would be or what word we should be looking for.
After another fun language barrier we finally get checked in (dh is doing very well with German class – I was impressed!). We get an xray. It’s not broken but he’s messed it up a bit. They taped his fingers together and said come back if it gets worse.

So there you have it. Exactly one year (to the day) and three hospital visits. O. I. Vey.

2 thoughts on “Return of the Mother’s Day Curse

  1. Andrea,I hope Boo’s feeling better!! My son actually broke his pinkie in school once – he fell on his hand at an unfortunate angle during recess. And of course he didn’t say anything to his teacher, he toughed it out and even went to P.E., rode the bus home, and the second he saw me he started bawling.In our case I found out that if your child is injured in school, it’s covered by the Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung, not your regular health insurance, so we had to fill out all kinds of forms describing what had happened. If I could have turned back time just a few minutes I think I would have said he fell in our backyard – then they would have swiped our health insurance card and been done with it!Anyhow, he had to have it splinted, and it was his writing hand, so he was happy that he didn’t have to do any written work at school for 3 or 4 days. All in all it healed very quickly.


  2. So sorry to hear the hospital stories, and am glad to read that nothing more serious occurred. Poor little guy. Happy belated Mother’s Day to you- I hope that you were pampered up until that point!Tisrawaiting for referral, adopting from taiwan


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