If the shoe(s) fit…

Wow, am I glad dh found out about this Roermond Outlet place! Wahoo! American Clothes, American Shoes! It all started when Thursday morning it rained. Naturally, a day of holiday/day off work/day off school it rains. We had planned to go to this place for my birthday. Dh says, how’s about we go today instead? Another mom had asked me about getting together (with families) for the day but with the weather it wasn’t going to work out. And I knew Boo would be less than thrilled with going to a museum for the day. So off to Roermond we go. Along with it seems the entire population of Germany. Oh well! It was insanely packed with people but it was pretty neat to see a Levi’s outlet (which I don’t even wear), Nike, Addidas, Calvin Klein…but my favorite was Reebok. As previously posted about, I have a very hard time finding shoes here. I should have been more specific about why perhaps; I have a narrow foot. As in I do best with an actual narrow size. Hence my dilemna here, I’ve never seen a narrow before when shoe shopping. I forgot I have to go to the Netherlands for that. And here are my little size 8 beauties!

I found not only ONE but TWO pairs of shoes that I liked and that fit. And the best part was buy one get one half price. I mean how absolutely wonderful is that?? Shoe nirvana I tell you, shoe nirvana.
Another fun thing I did was make a video of us driving down the street. I keep forgeting that we have this feature on our digital camera. I remembered as we were heading down a pretty street in Roermond. So that’s what you get to see, Roermond. More videos to come of driving down streets. Narrow ones are going to end up being my specialty I think.

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