Class Trip to the Zoo

Today I went along as a helper for Boo’s trip to the zoo in Neuweild (? not entirely sure that’s the correct place, near Koblenz or something -corrected – Neuweid, thanks readers!). It was sure entertaining keeping track of the kids! Both reception classes went together so about 25 kids or so. I had charge of Boo and V. Now she’s a handful. V is German and I kept calling her to come back and she didn’t listen. So I asked Mrs T (her teacher) Does she understand english? Yes, oh yes, she does. Not very encouraging as to little V’s listening skills! But we survived, no major injuries and no one got lost. There were lots of animals to look at, tigers, zebras, lions, sea lions, peacocks and penguins to name a few. I maxed out my digital camera card (because I forgot to take off all the pictures that were already on it first!) but I did manage a few shots of the kids. I will post some video of the kids relaxing on the slide at the playground inside the zoo. I think it was harder keeping track of them in the playground than in the zoo!

After all that I’m beat!
—–Ok I don’t know why but the slide video keeps being rejected by YouTube. Darn cause it was cute, very Sesame Street-ish!

2 thoughts on “Class Trip to the Zoo

  1. It is called Neuweid and is about 18 km from me. What baffles me, though, is why you went there when the Cologne zoo is about the same distance (and much much better).


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