Lazy reaches new heights…

And for once I am not talking about myself! I saw this on Daddytypes, it’s a dad’s perspective on all things baby gear. He usually has the latest and greatest. Today he has a pic from another blogger. I’ll post the link as I don’t want to get into a copyright issue by posting the pic, but it is way too funny!

LazyWoman What is our society becoming??

I will admit, I’ve got a stroller fetish which is not really in the closet anymore (especially seeing as we don’t have any closets here). I’ve loved strollers (and baby gear, but especially strollers) since I was a child. I even convinced my mother to let me buy an umbrella stroller for my dolls. Actually I had several. I am not entirely sure what it is about them. The gadgetry of them? The features? The colors? The usefulness? I don’t know but in five years I’ve easily owned about 30 of them (my max at a time though I believe was five). Currently we are at four. Only two that are definitely not going on the ebay block, my beautiful Peg Perego Orange Revi P3 and dh’s beloved Maclaren Volo. It isn’t even just me. I’ve caught dh digging the looks we’ve gotten in the past pushing our pint size in the prams. The biggest head turner was of course the Quinny Zapp, in Pacific Blue. This one only lasted for a few weeks as the freakin’ fold was so complicated. If I ever get a minivan or suv I’m getting another one. It would fit in there without having to fold the thing! Of course, here in Germany, next to the Netherlands, where I believe Quinny’s come from, Zapps are a dime a dozen. But two years ago in Maryland this baby was so unique! I ordered it from a babyshop in the Netherlands in a group buy through an online stroller group I belong to. Yes, there are more of us out there.
So lately, after our trip to Roermond, all I see are Bugaboo’s. I have the Infinity knock off version, which on clearance was only 80Euros. But now I am wondering if there was a reason it was only 80Euros you know? I would have to sell everything to get that Bugaboo (not that I am saying I want one but…) I’ve seen them realtively cheap on ebay (cheap for Bugaboo anyway). Maybe I’ll take a drive out towards Ikea today. There is a babyshop that lets you just play with anything in the store. And they sell Bugaboo. I’ve got to pass the waiting time for Miss M somehow right 🙂
Patrick in his Quinny 4XL looking happy, this was his favorite stroller.

2 thoughts on “Lazy reaches new heights…

  1. Andrea,I’m a stroller nut, too 🙂 Then again, I had 2 stroller kids at the same time, so in addition to various strollers suited for different tasks (hiking in the woods, shopping downtown…), I also had a *double* stroller.My favorite was a Peg Perego; can’t remember the model name.


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