It’s official. I’m 30.

I am not quite sure how I feel about turning thirty. Most people seem to freak out. I don’t think I am quite freaking or even close to it. It is weird to think I am no longer in my twenties though. I am hoping to ease into “My Thirties”. Boo woke me this morning with a Happy Birthday, a kiss and a picture he drew for me. He’s really into circles at the moment. Dh made me some coffee (nice and strong!) and now I am catching up on blog reading and posting while they play wooden Thomas (not one of my favorite things to do, after about ten minutes of sitting on the wood floors my feet fall asleep).

I figured, it’s my birthday so I can eat what I want for breakfast. Granted I do this when it’s not my birthday too. So apple pie and coffee at 9 am. It’s delicious.
I may do some scrapbooking today. Dh bought me some supplies back in April as a Mother’s Day/Birthday present. We will see if I get to it today or not. I have been re-rereading my Harry Potter books so I can be right up to date when the new book comes out (only a little longer!). Plus the new HP movie is out this summer so maybe I should rewatch all the movies as well (though I did that recently). Dh bought the first season of House the other day and I really like it. Hugh Laurie is a great actor. It’s a bit graphic medically speaking sometimes but a really good show. Now I can see why Heather blogged her excitement about getting the dvds, they are good.
Well, that’s all for today. Off to figure out what other birthday fun I can have!
Adding one more sweet thing – my son had this to say today –

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