Ebay, oh why do you hate me so?

It seems this has not been my week with ebay. Let me start at the beginning of this sad tale. The week leading up to my birthday I had been searching for a Didymos baby wrap carrier. I have been looking for a very specific kind, with a specific weave/pattern. An Indio. For whatever reason these seem hard to find used. But behold – Ebay.de, the land of Didy’s. There were a few others I was tempted by, a rare NINO print didy but I wasn’t sure the bright blue was really “me”. I continued looking and came across exactly what I was after. The elusive Indio Didymos in size 5 (4.20 m) It is black with a white weave pattern, I figured it’d be a great wrap for fall with the colors and I really like the pattern. Very different than my Storchenwiege wrap which is shades of puples. I won the auction on May 27th, me birthday, which was fitting since I used birthday money to buy it. I paid using Uberweisung (bank transfer) as most people on ebay.de don’t use Paypal. The seller has 92 feedbacks, all 100% positive. I always make sure to check these things very carefully. I was so excited, finally, the Didy I’d been lusting after was to be mine. Fast forward to June 8th. No Didymos. I have emailed the seller twice (in good German, don’t worry, short and sweet and correct) and have received no replies in return. I have now officially opened a dispute with Ebay. I seriously doubt I will ever see my 40Euros again, nor my pretty wrap. I don’t know why I keep
a. Believing in people being honest
b. Thinking people are good and moral
c. Being so completely trusting
d. Being so naive.

Silly me.

An additional note June 9th. Funny, guess what showed up this morning? The Didy and oddly enough the day after I filed the compliant. Funny what a coincidence (NOT)

4 thoughts on “Ebay, oh why do you hate me so?

  1. Andrea,I assume you mean auction nr. 180118702933http://cgi.ebay.de/Didymos-Babytragetuch-schwarz-weiss-Groesse-5-410-cm_W0QQitemZ180118702933QQihZ008QQcategoryZ77128QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItemIf you ask me it looks like you’ll still get your Didymos. The seller doesn’t seem to be the fastest shipper, and don’t forget we had a holiday last week in some parts of Germany.Another thought – have you checked your bank account to see if the money got returned? If you made a mistake on just one digit, the bank won’t be able to complete the transfer and a few days later the money is back in your account.I wouldn’t get too worried just yet.


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