Hippity Hoppity Hearing

We’ve had a hearing for our case to adopt Little Miss. I haven’t got the foggiest idea if this means we are just awaiting a ruling (I think it may be but not sure) but at least we’ve had a hearing! Our agency let us know they were contacted by the orphanage to say we’ve had a hearing and there are no adoptive or birth family issues. So keep praying everyone.

Obviously today with that little bit of news I’ve got no mind to do anything. I am just imagining what all I am going to need to pack for 2-3 months of being away. You think everything will fit in a suitcase?? We shall see. I also realized along with some other things (shorts, t-shirts and pajama’s!) that Little Miss does not have a swimsuit. I hope they still have suits out at this time of year. I know it is late season in the fashion world and all the woolly sweaters are coming out. I did see a super cute flowered one at Target or This one that’s Fourth of July themed. How cute is that? Especially when you factor in a giant cloth diapered tushie! Then of course she’ll need a matching sun hat and sandals… 🙂

And returning to the great car debate I had awhile ago. I am so funny, we are not getting a fun car. It was a nice dream for a few weeks though. I recently heard gas in the US was expected to hit $4 a gallon by summer (ok, any day now then). YIKES! Even though that is less than the per gallon rate translated to US $ here, I still do not like that number. Especially when the two vehicles currently in debate are minivans and small pickups. This is of course for after we move. I like the Mazda 5 (small minivan) or the Honda Odyssey (not a small minivan). Dh is thinking of a small truck like a Nissan something (no idea the name) so we can haul flowers and mulch and rocks for the future garden we are planning. I remember the look on the guys face at the garden center when we told him we wanted to put 10 50lb bags of rocks in my Chysler minivan several years ago. He was pretty much giving us the look of “Are you people crazy?” It took awhile to also clean the mulch out of my Mazda suv two years ago when we re-mulched the flower beds. Ah, those were the days. I actually MISS yard work! So a truck may come in handy. The problem lies in that the Honda gets very icky gas mileage. Something along the lines of 18/22 miles per gallon (no idea what that is in kilometers so don’t ask). We will very definitely be living in the suburbs which means we will be driving everywhere not like here where we walk to school and if need be the store.
I do like the Toyota Camry sedan (basically like the Avensis here) and it does get decent gas ratings. And for some reason Boo loves it and says we should get it in red. I am not sure if a sedan will be right sizewise though. We definitely plan to get a dog (meduim size is Boo’s request) and may/may not add a third child (jury is very much out on that one for the next year or so). That make me wonder if a sedan is a good choice or not. There is the Volvo V50 wagon as well, which is very nice. We can also take advantage of the Overseas Delivery and Expat program (click for more info) at a very nice price. This allows us to have a US spec vehicle to drive for 6 months in the EU and then they ship it to our new home in the US. This means we will have two cars here for when my parents visit in Oct. A very good thing since our car seats 5 and we have four people in our immediate family. But again I wonder if this car is big enough. The V70 would definitely be big enough to haul our the kids stuff, but that’s a price tag we are not going near.
It’s going to be a fun summer. The lake, the boat, my kids (plural!), and car shopping.

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