International Webloggers Day

This is my first time participating in this event. The theme is Solidarity. (You can click the InWeDay symbol to the right for more info).

I would have to say the best example of this I have experienced is within the International Adoption Community. Specifically a group that communicates via a Yahoo Group. We all are adopting, have adopted, or hope to adopt from Taiwan. I have never met any of the people on this group (though I plan to meet a few this summer). But these people are often family to me. They understand what a hopeful adoptive parent goes through. It is a journey of up’s and down’s, hi’s and low’s, hearts full of love and occasionally heartbreak. It is such a journey that unless you have been through it yourself, you truly can not understand it.

This group is a place where I can go to express joy, frustration, ask questions and just be me. There are a few people on the group I will remember for the rest of my life and I hope to always have contact with them as my daughter grows up. Their kindness when I needed it most made them a friend for life.

These communities bring together people from all over the world. They bind us with what we have in common and with what each of us has to share.

And that is a good thing.

One thought on “International Webloggers Day

  1. Happy International Webloggers’ Day, Andrea. I had a feeling (and hoped) that you’d blog about adoption. It’s great that the internet can bring complete strangers with a common interest together.


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