Fresh BooBoo’s

As my husband documented in his blog ( we have been as my son says, keeping track of fresh booboo’s. Dh’s came from a far better story than mine. He crashed on his bike, he was head to toe black and blue and red. I have a bruise and bump on my leg but I can’t get it to even document in a picture (I tried, lest you think I am making this up.) It is however, my first stroller related injury. Yes, you read that correctly, a stroller related injury (dh had one sympathetic look and then laughed at me). I was trying to learn how to open the chassis of a Bugaboo. They say swing the handle up until it clicks and then kick out the lower bar so it opens all the way up. Well, that’s impossible since their is a bar above the bar you are supposed to “kick” to open it up. In trying to do this I gave my shin a very nice lump, the bruise isn’t much to look at in it’s current state but it sure does hurt.

Now if I had read the directions a bit more carefully, instead of getting caught up in that new stroller excitement, I would have realized I was doing it wrong. Typical. I should have lifted the handle all the way forward to the other side until it clicked and then “shook it out” so that the wheels would follow. I finally get it now and it’s really easy.

Another lesson learned was figuring out that Yes, Andrea, the hood fabric does come off! I could not understand why the fabric didn’t come off the frame. I figured it just didn’t, not all strollers the fabric comes off. I had asked about this on my mom’s group and they kept telling me yes it does come off. I finally sent pictures thinking, mine must be older or different. No it’s the same and it turns out, it’s really easy too. Just barely pull and the little “rib” slides out from the connector. Viola! Frame and fabric are apart. That was another duh moment in my life. I feel like maybe I should go back to school or something. I mean really, all the strollers I’ve had and this one stroller gives me an injury and makes me feel so dumb for not being able to figure it out.

Messsage to Bugaboo – devise a much better manual, the current one stinks!

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