Yahoo Photos Rant

Today I go to my Yahoo Photos album to upload pictures of a few things I am looking to sell. It seems Yahoo will no longer be offering a photo album. Frick and Frack! I just uploaded 35 pictures there the other day. They give you something like four or five choices of places they will move your pictures to for you. This has to be done by Spetember 20th.

Give me advice if you’ve used the following (I’m looking for just storing/sharing photo’s not printing)

Flickr (what I picked for now)
Kodak Gallery

I want a place where people are not required to sign in to view the pictures (a real pain when you need to link to a picture of a for sale item and they can’t access it.)
Please leave comments if you’ve used any of these. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Yahoo Photos Rant

  1. I use picasa and love it. I can pick picturs to blog from it and can send albums without having people signing in. It also finds all of the pictures on your computer for you.


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