Don’t Use Flickr

I chose Flickr to migrate my Yahoo pictures (see post below). Wow. What a mistake. It said the migration was complete – but not a single picture from my Yahoo albums is there. I merged my other Yahoo album to Shutterfly – they all made it safe and sound (all 13 albums).
The problem is I don’t know how to make Shutterfly albums public. This is where I would post links to pictures (not email invitations) but if you click the link and can’t get in the album…not much good.
Thankfully I still have all the pictures that had been in this second Yahoo album on my computer so I could just reload them to Shutterfly. But what a pain in the tushie.
Shutterfly was actually pretty cool. Because I migrated my album to them I got to create a digital scrapbook of 20 pages which they are printing and binding into a real book FOR FREE! Very cool. I should probably tell my mom to be on the lookout for one more package…I am pretty sure she thinks she’s my personal Post Office Box this month as I’ve had (to date) three packages sent to her (two of them large). This would make four. Sorry about that mom πŸ™‚
Anywho. Not much going on here. Not traveling to Asia anytime soon 😦
We are going ahead and planning the summer because we just can’t put things on hold any longer hoping to get our Gotcha travel call for Little Miss. We want to take Boo to LegoLand in Munich in a couple weeks or maybe go to Switzerland for the weekend. Maybe head to Italy towards the end of July. Some really good pasta would sure make me feel better these days. Or some real cheesecake.
This is the last week of school so next week it’s fulltime Boo and me. I sure hope I can think of enough things to keep us busy. When we get bored we tend to get into trouble. He had a birthday party at this Piratenland playplace this weekend that sounded pretty fun (I stayed home with a cold). Maybe we will get together with some other kids and go there every now and then. We definitely need to find activities that get us out of the house.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Use Flickr

  1. Andrea, don’t bother running that through a translation program, they just want you to fill out a survey. Had they bothered to actually read your blog before spamming you, they’d realise that you probably couldn’t understand their German and have written it in English.


  2. Thanks J, I figured it was junk. Anyway I can remove it from here there? I don’t moderate comments anymore so I can’t figure out how to remove it.Anon – WW, I may bring it back πŸ™‚


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