Request for Wonderful Wednesday Posts

I’ve had a request to bring back the Wonderful Wednesday posts. I really should get back to those to finish out my remaining 8 months here. Yesterday would not have been a good WW post however as I was in bed all day or (and read between the lines here) with my head in the toilet. Ahh, love those migraine stress induced headaches! This is the third one in six months. I’m better today but still feeling kinda odd. It turns out one of the mom’s at school whose dd is in Boo’s class is a neurologist. Very interesting. She highly recommended trying Yoga to relieve stress. I really should get back to that, now I’ve got the mat and all. She is going back to work in a few weeks and her nanny is coming from Seattle. Wahoo! An American. She’s 19 but heck that makes two American nanny’s (other family’s nanny is from Chicago). I am definitely going to be setting up playdates with this kids this summer. Piratenland anyone?
I do have a picture for today’s post. I have been capturing rainbows quite often (you know since it rains like every day here). The pictures don’t do them justice. They always seem to occur at the same spot outside my kitchen or living room windows. And Boo loves to have an excuse to get out of bed to see them too. This picture is from Tuesday night I think. It’s hard to see but that’s the best I could get it.
This is my last full day without the kiddo, last day of school tomorrow, he’s done at noon. Let Summer begin!
As consolation for not heading to Taiwan yet, dh said he’d book the babysitter to take me to see Harry Potter. Awesome. That makes two HP films he’ll have taken me to. Maybe I can convert him to a HP nut like me 🙂

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