Day One of the Summer Holidays

Ah, day one of “Nowhere To Go, No Place to Be”. It is currently 10:38 am as I start this post. And Boo and I are in full pajamas. What bliss! Of course this will be very embarrassing if that package I’m expecting shows up this morning and I have to answer the door in my pj’s. C’est la vie!
On the agenda for today is just the usual daily migration to the food shop so we can eat. I was hoping to take Boo into the forest just up the path from our house but the weather looks pretty iffy. Once in the forest in can take awhile to get back out and I really don’t feel like getting wet today.
I’ve been doing loads of investigation as to what to do for school next year. We have officially de-registered Boo from the IB school here. Whenever we travel to get Little Miss it will mean we won’t get back until Nov or later which means missing loads of school. With moving then in March it would be too many school changes. I am planning to homeschool Boo with a program from Seton ( for the first grade. Now before I get loads of comments about not being legal in Germany – Boo is only 5 1/2, turning 6 Feb 1 – one month later we move. So legally, Germany does not make school mandatory till 6 years. We are good. This is going to be extremely interesting. I’ve never homeschooled before, most I’ve taught was a stint as a preschool teacher at 18 and working the toddler room at a daycare. I have been wanting to try this though. Seton thankfully makes it really easy. They make the lesson plans and say basically read this, discuss this and write this. I don’t have to do too much thinking. After asking loads of questions on my Catholic Moms board they have told me that for first grade a school day should only take about 2 hours a day to complete. I think as long as Little Miss takes a morning nap we should be able to do pretty much all of it while she sleeps. Giving me the time to dedicate soley to Boo which will be good. I also signed up for a homeschooling group near my parents that have local activities we can participate in. Mixing with other kids will be great and I can ask questions if I have any problems and have someone local for the answer. I think it’s going to work out great and be a good experience. We will have set rules though. For instance starting school at 9 am, fully dressed, teeth brushed, hair combed, same as if it was school outside the house. I think that will be really important to keep to a schedule. The program I chose includes something like 21 books. Seems an awful lot, I don’t remember having that many in first grade. Of course there are a few more books and such because we will be doing religion course (Seton is a Catholic Homeschool Program) and I believe there are 4 books just for religion. I am just happy that it’s all included in the price.
Wish me luck – we’re going to need it!
And because it’s such a Beautiful Day in Germany you get a little video 🙂

And the reward after the rain:

7 thoughts on “Day One of the Summer Holidays

  1. I’ve been homeschooling our oldest with the help of the homeschool academy that our church runs ( 2 days at school, three at home). Grant did well and I did pretty well teaching, but this past year the two youngest were a bit more demanding of my time and we had a bit of trouble keeping them occupied while I worked on 1st grade material with Grant. This coming fall, he will be in public school, but we are committed to praying about each child, each year and determining what is best. best of luck- it has a ton of advantages (especially in your situation…the flexibility is wonderful!)Tisrawaiting for referral


  2. Andrea, my cousin homeschooled her kids when they were young (one til he graduated) and I’ve forwarded this post to her, along with your email address.


  3. Also, what time was the video taken? We didn’t have a thunderstorm down here today, nor did we more than 5 minutes of rain this afternoon/evening (for once).


  4. Andrea,you won’t have any legal problems in Germany. Boo isn’t required to attend school until the start of the school year after he turns six, i.e. August 2008.So no worries there.


  5. J – the rain started about 5:30 maybe? It went on for nearly an hour. Then again about 3 am.I am looking forward to homeschooling. I think it might actually be fun 🙂


  6. I think our postman has seen my whole pajama collection, me with wet hair, with bed hair or once even halfway through colouring my hair. :-)The homeschooling program sounds great and definitely the right thing to do in your case. I bet you’ll both enjoy it.


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