6 Months Post Referral

It’s been a rather upsetting evening. I checked into the Yahoo group run by my adoption agency tonight. Back in Feb we received a video of Little Miss that featured another little girl Baby J. Baby J’s family announced mid February they got her referral. (For reference we got Little Miss’s referral Dec 27, 2006). Tonight they posted that they have been invited to travel and pick up Baby J. We are officially the only family (that I am aware of, and I read a TON of blogs/groups related to adoption) that has a referral from 06 that has not traveled. I believe every referral from Jan and Feb (and some from months forward) has also been called to travel.

Our agency has not responded yet to our email asking what is going on.

6 months of update pictures

6 months of sending care packages

6 months of heartbreak all around (Boo has repeatedly asked when we are getting Sissy to the point of tears)

6 months…how many more do we have to wait?

2 thoughts on “6 Months Post Referral

  1. Terribly sorry to hear that. Could it possibly be due to the fact that you’re Americans wanting to adopt a Chinese baby while living in Germany? Perhaps it takes a bit longer when living in a country that is not your own?


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