Like I Haven’t Got Enough To Think About

There is yet another delay with the adoption. It seems the birthmother has to sign the passport application (though I do not understand why, since she is no longer a legal guardian) and the Taiwan social worker has been unable to arrange a meeting for this to happen. Until she signs this paper we will not be assigned a travel date. Can I just say how much this sucks? Seriously. There is no idea how long this could take. Our agency said “this is very unusual”. Hasn’t everything in our case been unusual? Unusually complicated? Unusually long? Unusually frustrating? I appreciate my daughters want to be unique and all but sweetheart, please knock it off!

So the ticker that says we will meet M in such and such a time is not valid. But I refuse to change it for now.

I have been up late into the night also doing more curriculum research for homeschooling. Have you ever looked at these programs and seen how much they cost? A very large portion of them fall somewhere between $600-1100. For one year of school. Are you kidding me? Thank goodness they at least have payment plans, cause that price is insane. And the choices for picking a program, completely overwhelming and confusing. I think I am in 3 groups/forums for curriculum review now. It’s not helping. Most people use a bit of this program and a bit of that, which sounds great (because generally, that’s a cheaper option to pick and choose). But what about the person who has never done this before? The full curriculum choices are by far the most expensive ones. But they have everything, books, answer keys, teaching manuals, one even includes a blow up globe and scissors and crayons. Sigh. Maybe I should just do that whole unschool thing – whatever happens during the course of a day is considered school.
Think watching the Cars movie will count?

2 thoughts on “Like I Haven’t Got Enough To Think About

  1. w man, I feel for you. The adoption thing would break my heart! But remember that she IS waiting for you and loves you already in her little heart!Re: curriculum. I wouldn’t worry too much about strict curriculum until at least 4th grade. Look at state standards and be mindful of them. You can probably be more creative and inspiring than that “all-in-one” pack anyway!I design and develop curriculum — though not specifically for homeschooling. I can send you info on state standards and such. E-mail me at carolhsnider(at)gmail(dot)com.


  2. Andrea,Did I mention that we’ve homeschooled Grant the past two years? Our church has a homeschool academy where he attended 2 days and they helped share the load. I did the “pick and choose” method because some things, we found, worked better in one company’s curriculum for his personality. We are going to try public school this year for his 2nd grade year and I am mourning the loss of such personalization. If I had gone completely solo on the homschooling, I would have tried out Sonlight Curriculum. This past year, we used Math U See for math with great results and ABeka for handwriting (1st grade cursive) and Phonics. The school picked the history, Bible, and science curriculum. If I can help with any questions, do ask! I really felt like some of the test keys and teacher guides were a waste of money at this stage. BUT, if you are unsure- buy it or you’ll continue to wonder if it would have helped you. Having all the extras in your library certainly puts your mind at ease, and then if you don’t use it you can put it on eBay. Lots of curriculum on eBay.Best of Luck,Tisrawaiting for referral


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