Wonderful Wednesday: Living Room Camping

There have been a few blogs that have recently posted about camping or their children going to camp. And I thought, that sounds like fun! But we live in a “city”, don’t own a tent big enough for anyone over 5 (well, that’s technically not true, we still have the tent we registered for and received for our wedding in storage. Still in the unopened box…) and I am currently not feeling up to getting really dirty and then sleeping in it. So I came up with this:
Living Room Camping

Finally Asleep at 10:40 pm!

The pictures are kinda blurred because there weren’t any lights on but when I told Boo yesterday morning we were going to do this, he was so excited. We set up the tent mid afternoon and he proceeded to place pretty much every “treasure” he owns inside the tent. I did scale it back before I actually let him sleep in there. I slept on the couch as this tent is barely big enough for him! He loves sleeping in his tent. He is allowed to sleep in it once a week or so but this was the first time he slept in the living room in his tent. After spending Monday night doing a sleepover in his room on the bottom bunk and sleeping on the couch last night…my pillow top bed is going to be oh so luxurious! Especially with dh away I can pile on as many covers as I want đŸ™‚

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