Blogger, Smogger – it stinks

Ok, I posted a little bit about Little Misses blog and taking it private (see Gummy Bear post below). Well, Blogger just makes it totally complicated to do that. We tested it out and to access it my tester (aka dh) would have had to sign up for a Google account even if he wanted to use another account to access the blog. So not the point of going private. I don’t want to make people sign up for an account, most of my readers there don’t use blogger/google. So I found another site that is actually for chronicling an adoption journey, YouBelong.Net. I think I am going to take her blog over to there. All my readers need then is the password to view the website. Much easier than making people sign in with an email account and sign up for something.
I have a lot of issues with Blogger, error messages and all sorts of stuff in the last year of using it. Plenty of people have used this other site (and I read a few fellow adopters journals over there) so I think I will be making the switch for her blog. Don’t worry though, I will keep continuing to entertain you here with my personal Gummy Bear antics.

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