Two Kids are NOT Easy

There could be many titles to this post. I’ve thought of a few but maybe none of them should be on the net. I feel like I’ve stepped in a black hole. Seriously, I have no idea what any of my regular read (or non-regular) blog reads have had going on. I’m feeling lucky if I get to shower every day. It is so different to have a newborn and get to experience each little stage as it comes. Rolling over, sleeping through the night, sitting up, solid foods, crawling and finally walking. When you go from one five year old pretty independant kid to a five year old AND a 15 month old overnight…WOAH! Little Miss walks, babbles, is learning to touch everything, and chows through food like it’s going out of style. I am so battered and tired by the end of the day I pretty much just pulls the covers over my head (quietly! as she is sleeping in the same room here at G&G’s house as I am {code for Grandma and Grandpa} and wakes at the slightest sound) and pass out if I can. A newborn would be easier at least they sleep and eat, she just eats. No idea where it goes as she only weighs 16 pounds. She doesn’t nap, gets up in the night and is so mobile it’s unbelievable. But she’s pretty cute, thank goodness.

Just thank goodness for my TWO cute kids. Or they might end up at the curb with $1 stickers on their foreheads.

3 thoughts on “Two Kids are NOT Easy

  1. Aw, hang in there! My first few days w/ two kids scared me. I thought I sure enough went and joined the crazies, because WHO ON EARTH willed this for themselves?! lol 😉 Do you have a pac-n-play? That came to my rescue for the 1 year old when I’d need to shower and confine him from attempting to choke himself on something. Who knows.Anyway, congrats again!


  2. I dont quite remember the first 4 months we were home with 2 kids. Aerik was 15 months at adoption and I remember the go go go !! with a toddler…when Ava came home at 8 months she was not mobile at all…so I had the reverse and neither is easy…the speed up to catch up or the slow down struggle to maintain daily life…It gets better 🙂 routine, routine, routine is the key if you can manage it and if not go with the flow and let be what is ..


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