We’re back…and my house will never be the same again

What a trip! The kids actually, for all we’ve put them through over the past two months, have done really well. They did great on the plane alone with me from Idaho to NJ and great again with me and dh from NJ to Frankfurt. They didn’t sleep a lot but behaved quite well. I hate to be a mom who compares but my kids far outshined the three terrors in the seats in front of us. I did feel sorry for the mom though, with two 5-7 year olds and a baby traveling by herself.

We finally reached home after arriving in Frankfurt at 6am and we bumbled through the first day back. We had to go out and buy a new highchair. We had bought one of those really cool looking sleek numbers that just pull up to the table…but we soon discovered our dear sweet little girl is QUITE the messy eater. So that plan went out the window and we bought a big tray highchair highchair. She can be messy all she likes now and not get us while we eat. I’ll post a few pictures of her eating spaghetti and oreo’s and maybe you’ll get the picture of why a big traditional highchair is best even though we have very little room for the monster thing.

We are trying to kick jet lag. We slept till 11:45 am the morning after returning so of course last night we all didn’t get to bed till 1:15 am. Today is a rough day since I had to break the cardinal rule of “Never Wake a Sleeping Baby”. Miss Chickadee (as she will now be known) was none too pleased with momma this morning. Her brother wasn’t too happy either. Miss Chickadee also has decided she hates her room and crib, she refuses to sleep in there. She cries and screams when she wakes in her bed so we really need to work on that. I’d like to sleep with no kids in my room for a change. I’ll sleep much better that way and be a much happier and friendly mommy. She has also just fallen alseep in her highchair so I am going to have to wake her again. I’m going to need more coffee first I think.
And to just be our crazy selves, since we had already had a trip to Paris planned for this weekend (pre travel for Miss) we are going to go ahead and go anyway rather than waste the plane tickets. So to Disneyland Paris we go!

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