Um, hello? Remember me?

I haven’t written a real post in what feels like forever. Boo is watching Thomas and I won’t say what Chickadee is doing lest I jinx it. Let’s just say it’s something she rarely does during the day. We’ve been home now for two weeks and I feel like it’s been a lot longer. After being the states, home, for two months, it sure feels like culture shock all over again being back in Germany. I am finding problems with everything again. The washing machine is too small, takes too long, I remember why I hate wood floors, small parking spaces, having to have a trolley coin to buy food and not having any good snack foods available. I guess I have to re-program myself. This is the first big test – dh (I need a better name to use here, dh is so…boring to use) has headed to Slovakia for the next three days. My first true overnight alone with the kiddo’s. Gulp. Hope we survive and please someone check up on us tomorrow and make sure the little ones didn’t do me in.
Last night we finally discovered real Chinese food in Germany. The past places we’ve gone have been good but not like the Chinese food we were used to back at home. Well, thanks to a flyer in the mailbox (which I normally just throw away) we have changed that good to fantastic. I can’t remember whatt he place is called at the moment but the menu was in German with english translation so that’s half the battle. Though dh did call in the order and completed the whole transaction in German. Huh. I always hoped I’d do better in that area but I guess he did take quite a few weeks of lessons and I’ve had zero. Anyway, the food. I got Schezuan (sp?) Art – chicken – hot, and a spring roll (biggest spring rolll I have EVER seen!) and dh got chicken with noodles. The nicest thing was that the sauce was seperate from the chicken in mine so I could give some to the kids without the sauce. Chickadee eats anything though, sauce or not. Plus after all, she is Chinese so the noodles of dh’s dish was familiar. And she gobbled it up.
The other fun thing she does is sleep in her highchair. I have no idea why we bothered with the crib, she prefers to just conk out at mealtimes in her chair. Naturally I have pictures, a series I’ll call the Highchair Naps. I also remembered that my camera has a black and white and sepia tone function so I have been having fun playing with that and getting some good pictures. We actually submitted our Snapfish order last night -400 pictures! Some going back as far as April. Guess we should do that a bit more often. This is pretty common as I just read in another blog last night that they had a similar large number of photo’s waiting to print. Guess that’s the way it is with this digital technology nowadays.
I’m going to go get some more of my yummy coffee and contemplate the day. Pumpkin Spice coffee from Green Mountain Coffee Growers, yum!

4 thoughts on “Um, hello? Remember me?

  1. I disagree with the no good snack foods thing. I’ve found some good German ones. Plus, you could just go to the International Foods section of Kaufhof and get some American ones if you wanted. I don’t have that option here – our Kaufhof doesn’t have that section.I also understand the loneliness you’re feeling. You’ve spent a few month with your family and now you’re on your own again. Is there any chance you could find an international playgroup or something like that? How about the American church on Kennedyallee? Could you use that as an outlet for networking?


  2. I’m sorry, but you didn’t discover “real” Chinese food in Germany just now, you discovered “more like the American version you’re used to” Chinese food.And there’s tons of good snack foods in Germany. Just not things that you’re familiar with or know from home, but if you’re willing to try something new I’m sure you’ll find something to suit your taste.


  3. What a cutie your Chickadee is :-)I have to agree with J and anon, though, there are plenty of great snack foods available in Germany.Name a few U.S. ones that you like, to give us the general idea of what you’re missing, and I’m sure we’ll be able to suggest a few substitutes!


  4. You’re quite right, the Chinese food in Germany is usually pretty bleh – they cater to the masses who don’t know what it’s supposed to taste like (and I say that as someone who hails from a city with the 2nd largest Chinatown in N. America). Glad you found a decent place. We still haven’t so we just make do with the “Germanified” version. Chickadee is SO cute napping away in her high chair! Hope you all get re-adjusted very soon. 🙂


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