Ok, Tell me about Berlin with kids

I am looking for fun things to do with kids in Berlin for a weekend. Specifically for a 18 month old and a 5 3/4 year old. My parents are visiting in three weeks and since we had to scrap going to Paris because we couldn’t change the tickets for a reasonable price (it was the World Cup Rugby Final in Paris that weekend, who knew??), we are looking to do a train trip. Berlin is only 4-5 hours by train right? There is a special going for the ICE train which makes the first class tickets cheaper than the economy tickets. It’s a no brainer there. I would love to have a compartment type of thing (like Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Express) but I don’t think they really do true compartments.

Anyway, I’m looking for fun things to do for 4 adults and two small kids in December. Obviously, Christmas Markets will be on so that’s great but there’s only so much you can look at Christmas Markets. Please leave comments with suggestions!

I never had a chance to blog here with pictures while in Taiwan (you know, the Republic of China, where I ate REAL Chinese food – so I know what it is supposed to taste like), anyway, I wanted to share the greatest thing I brought home with me (besides Chickadee). Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone in CHINESE. It’s just so cool looking. And the fact that they read the book from what we consider the back to the front is all that much neater.

I also have the UK version (Bloomsbury) and the US version (Scholastic) of Deathly Hallows. They are the same inside but having two different covers is kinda cool. I actually have two UK versions, wonder if ebaying them once we move to US would bring any money?

2 thoughts on “Ok, Tell me about Berlin with kids

  1. I was just posting something on my blog and sometimes I click the random blog button and your blog came up. Well, I used to live in Berlin and there is a small petting zoo at Gorlitzer Park near Gorlitzer bahnhoff on the green line (might be the U-3, not sure.) Anyway, I read that you had also been to Taiwan and I once lived there too and taught English. Berlin is great! Have fun!


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