What is up with internet sites?

First my youbelong account for Chickadee’s webpage won’t let me upload the pictures. Now I can’t open my Yahoo mail. I can get into my account but can’t actually open any of my emails. Is it my computer? Which by all accounts has been given CPR numerous times and could use a whole body transplant. It’s not like it’s even that old – 5 years or so but I guess that’s dinosaur years in computer speak. I don’t really care for anything fancy, I just want to do email, internet and some photo/video type of things. That’s it! The occasional word document. No hoopla, no complex number crunching. Just nice simple internet access.

I feel sorry for my husband, he’s in Moscow where it’s something like 9 degrees today. And he’s spending today sightseeing before his meetings this week. Hope Moscow has hot coffee to thaw him out later.

I’d love to learn how to do this fancy website stuff Sarah did for me so let me know if you have any good sites for tips. Like blogging for dummies.

Stay tuned for Friday’s posting, the living situation has been decided but we are just waiting to tell a few key players.

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