Some interesting info on “healthiest cities for women”

I was following a link about an unrelated adoption article from Hannah Claire’s mum on MSNBC, when I came across a link to this article in the sidebar: America’s healthiest cities for women
Click the little sidebar to read the various ratings for different categories such as:

Healthiest, Unhealthiest, Best and Worst Bods, Eating well and Eating not so well, Best and worst environment (SCARY), Air Quality, Happy or not and Smoking status

The scary part to me was that two of the places we were really thinking of moving to before deciding to stay here are on the list. And not the good side of the list. One of them multiple times…Columbus, Ohio is listed and Houston, Texas is listed for multiple violations of “unhealthy”. That’s not good seeing as Houston has some good schools, excellent rating of affordability in housing and seemed like an all around good family friendly type of place. And maybe it is all those things. Never having been there I wouldn’t know but Mr H (my husband’s new name for now) has been there multiple times and liked it. This gives me pause. It makes me think hurricane ridden-high cost of living, housing and everything else-Ft Lauderdale might not be such a bad place after all. Two years and we’ll see what other possible place to live may come up.

In the meantime I will be scouring the info looking for the best place to raise my little Boo and Chickadee. No place is perfect but I definitely don’t want to live in the worst offender city. Since Philadelphia rates number 1 in a pollution category, it’s no surprise, seeing as we lived in that area for about ten years, that the Bonn pollution just doesn’t bother us. I guess we are used to it.

That’s another interesting fact about living here. The German’s are VERY eco-friendly. They recycle trash into various bins to have the most impact on recycling opportunities. They don’t really believe in using weed killer (at least I’ve not found any), are thrifty with water usage (can’t wash your cars at home, must go to a carwash), re-use items to maximize the euro, and bring your own cloth grocery bags or baskets instead of getting millions of plastic bags from the store (which used to happen to us back home. I did at least recycle them or use them as bin liners.) So after all that good they do I don’t understand why they don’t take of their bodies with the same care they do the environment. They smoke like chimneys. And not the filter “healthier” cigarettes, but the full on tar and ick kind. It seems strange that you can smoke in the middle of an airport, a restaurant that might not even have a no-smoking section and that so many young people do it. I understand it is a culture difference but I want to scream and pull out pictures of decayed, damaged lungs and show them what they are doing to their bodies.

The smokers lung

I wonder what the cancer rate here is…

4 thoughts on “Some interesting info on “healthiest cities for women”

  1. Very interesting. I wonder why smoking is so popular, too. There is no “perfect”- but you can certainly make educated and prayerful choices based on the things that matter to you. And, it looks like you’ve got plenty of time- two more years!


  2. I’ll bet Seattle is pretty high on the “healthy for women” list. I’m not active enough, but that’s MY downfall, not the lack of accessibility or opportunity!Carol


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