Second post today, a Meme

This is a Meme posted on J‘s blog. It seemed fun so here are my answers.

Here Are Five ThingsI’ve always wanted to do:
1. Spend two weeks in Tuscany exploring the countryside
2. Actually write & publish a book
3. Speak fluent French
4. Finish reading a Jane Austin novel
5. Travel Route 66, all of it

Found in my bag:
1. Diapers and wipes
2. Wallet and passports (for three)
3. Really old pack of gummies from McDonalds Happy Meal
4. Receipts from Hit (The only place I ever seem to go)
5. Crumbs from my kids rice cakes/pretzels/crackers

Found in my wallet:
1. Borders frequent buyer card I’ve never used
2. My Postbank EC card that actually doesn’t work except at the EC machine (too lazy to go to the bank and send it away for a week to be fixed, yet again)
3. American bank card and credit card
4. German credit card
5. Pictures of my husband, kids and friends

I’m currently into:
1. The Ratatouille movie, thankfully so are my kids
2. My new iMac, this thing is just amazing
3. Leasing a new car – I can finally pick just about anything I want and absolutely can’t make a decision to save my life
4. Taking pictures, though I am not very good at it
5. Cooking

One thought on “Second post today, a Meme

  1. I don’t get what’s so interesting about Route 66. Yes, I know the history of it and have been on it near Flagstaff (unintentionally), but it doesn’t hold any allure to me.


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