What I’d Like for Christmas

Dear Santa,

I know it’s been a long time since we’ve last spoken but this year, I really would like to have a few things under the tree. I used to ask for Tiffany’s, Jimmy Choo shoes and a date with that cute guy on the second floor. I did get a Robbin’s, some great Reeboks and a sweet husband, so those needs were met. My list is somewhat different now. Mind you, these aren’t the easiest items to obtain, but after all, you are Santa Claus! I will keep my list simple and clear in a nice easy to read list. This year I would like:

  1. Sanity – I am sure you get asked for this a lot, but after you’ve heard my case (please see attached pages) you’ll see how important my request is.
  2. Sleep – Again, this is crucial to my day. One of my children gets me up at five a.m. and try as I might, she just doesn’t seem to get that mommy just doesn’t function well at that hour. I am not asking for a lot more sleep, till 7 a.m. will do.
  3. To eat a hot meal – I feel a bit like the mom in the movie The Christmas Story. Everytime she sits to lift her fork to her mouth, somone needs something. It’s starting to get like that around here. I’m not terribly picky, just a few hot bites will do.
  4. A maid – Now, I know this one is hard since it would involve another human being but I really think I deserve one. I am making an honest effort, I really am, but since my little one doesn’t seem to be getting the hang of this napping thing and pretty much gets into everything, it makes it pretty hard to clean the bathrooms or even empty the dishwasher without help you know? I love her but I really don’t want her playing with the toilet water or sitting in the dishwasher. An occasional visit from the friendly cleaning lady would be great.

So that’s the list this year Santa. Nothing fancy. I don’t think I’ve asked for much you can’t deliver. I realize your a very busy man these days but I’ll be forever grateful if you make my list come true.

Sincerely yours,


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