A New Home For Me

We went house hunting today. And we found a winner! Funnily enough we actually saw a house in this development two years ago when they were being built. But the unit we saw did not include a kitchen. So we had passed.

Then we saw this one listed on Scout24.de It’s a 3 story duplex with cellar and three bedrooms, two baths, a small yard and a garage. And we are now the proud owners of a 1 year old kitchen for three to four thousand € less than the previous tenants paid for it. 🙂 A nice white kitchen with butcher block counters, a beautiful double porcelain apron sink, wall oven and flat cook stove. It is smaller than our current kitchen but it’s still doable for us. It even has a window of the front yard and driveway. The complex has a nice playground and is quiet. It is also close to the grocery store and just 7 minutes from Boo’s school. Perfect.

Living Room/Dining Room

We will make the top floor the master bedroom even though the bathroom is on the second level. The three bedrooms on the second level were a bit small for our American furniture so we decided to make the top all ours. It comes with skylights and everything.

Third Floor – Now Master Bedroom The kids will each have their own rooms and the extra bedroom will become Boo’s play room. Chickadee will continue to keep her toys in the living roomWe are excited and hope to have everything signed maybe next week. With the holiday it may be a few extra days. Move in date will be sometime between mid Feb and March (when we have to be out of our current place).
We topped off the good day by meeting our new landlord (who plied my kids with Haribo gummy bears) and then heading to my favorite Italian restaurant for dinner. Ah, grown up Macaroni and Cheese made by authentic Italians in the kitchen. Just like heaven.

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