Top Shops for Women’s Clothing

As the holiday season approaches I find myself with an influx of Christmas present money.  This is wonderful in the sense that I can get some things I truly would like to have.  The biggest thing I’d like is to revamp my ‘college and mom’ wardrobe.  The only places I can think to do this are all my old favorite American stores – Ann Taylor, Banana Republic (thanks for the pic), and J-Crew.  

So I turn to fellow bloggers and/or expats (hopefully some of you are here anyway) to help me figure out what are some similar brands.  I am not trendy, I go for sensible machine washable items that can handle playing on the floor with my kids.  But my current clothing selection is a bit dated and young.  I definitely need something fresher.  I’d love to hear some suggestions of German brands and stores that might be similar.
We finally put up the Christmas tree tonight, just a few days before Christmas.  This is not because we are scrooges, it’s a matter of simplicity.  The box containing the tree was all the way at the back of the small storage space alloted to us buried under a ton of boxes.  In order to get the tree and ornaments out requires some time, patience, and alcohol (either pre or post tree wrestling).  But our fake tree is up.  Next year we will be doing the real tree thing since we will have space (see post below) once we learn just how much our 19 month old dives for the tree on a daily basis.  She went to bed before the festivities started so I am wondering what she’ll do come 5 am tomorrow when she sees the tree in the corner between the couches.  The tree will come down Dec 26th, likely before the leftovers have even been eaten.  I prefer my morning routine of putting said toddler in front of Elmo or Blue’s Clues while I get another hour of sleep on the couch.  I am afraid the tree will be much more interesting, even at that horrible hour, than the tv.   After the tree wrestling I had a flash of homesickness for my grandmothers recipe for stuffing/dressing.  I need a crock pot to make it though and sadly I haven’t purchased a new one since we moved here.  I may just brave the crowds Monday to see if I can find one.  The dressing is definitely worth it.  
As requested here is the stuffing recipe:
Grandma D’s Dressing
Dried breadcrumbs – one loaf, cubed (preferably white bread but wheat works too)
Chopped celery – four stalks
Sage – one teaspoon
Poultry Seasoning – one teaspoon
Onion – one medium size, diced
Margarine – one cup melted
Chicken Broth – one cup
Egg – one
Mushrooms – one cup (optional)
Combine all ingredients in crock pot, mixing well.  Let cook on low for at least four hours.  It will moisten as it cooks.  Even better the second day!
If I make it’ll post up a picture (provided it doesn’t get gobbled up and I can get a picture beforehand).

3 thoughts on “Top Shops for Women’s Clothing

  1. Sorry I’m just getting around to catching up with everyone’s blogs, but I know several people who love Zara. I can’t buy decent clothes in Germany because I’m a “plus size” (here, not in the US). Bitter? No! Not me! 😉


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