The Post ‘Merry Christmas’ Post

Well, for all the wrapping and trapping that Christmas is, it sure was over quickly.  Christmas Eve we opened gifts from each other and the kids opened everything but Santa’s gifts of course. 

Chickadee got blocks from big brother, an airplane (so she can be just like him), Elmo, and lots of other stuff.  Her biggest treat was her Maclaren doll stroller.  She LOVES this thing.  She has been pushing it around the house almost non-stop.  I can’t wait till we move and then she’ll have the whole hallway to push it up and down.
Boo received his Playmobil set so now he has pretty much every piece to the airport set.  He even got the DHL truck from Santa to complete the whole thing.  Lot’s of books, a few clothes and loads of toys. 
I got my new iMac, a hat and scarf from the kids and 2 new Harry Potter books – one each in German and Finnish!  So now I have books in 5 languages 🙂  The hubby got this pen and pencil set he wanted, one of those fancy fountain pens with the ink you pour in to refill and lead to refill the pencil.  Very nice wood outside with silver trim.  I didn’t get it at first but then I wrote with it…very nice actually.  Chickadee gave him the autobiography of the guy who stole her heart, Elmo; Boo got him a DHL truck of his own.
My sister in law took this picture and I think it’s just beautiful.  She also took several others of the outdoors I plan to blow up, frame and hang around the new dining room. 

So it was a good Christmas.  The guests have gone (and as much as we liked having guests all month, we decided never to do back to back visits again as long as we live!) the tree comes down tonight and hopefully life will get back to normal. 
Whatever that is.

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