Making (and losing) Friends

The only contact I have these days with other American’s (or english speakers, let’s not get picky) is through Boo’s school.  Last year I met some of the mom’s from his old class.  Let’s start with Fannie (not her real name).  She is German and has a couple kids.  She was an english teacher, easy to talk with.  We became friendly, the kids did playdates and we even had a coffee without the older kids.  Last February, she decides to go back to work.  So in comes the American nanny, sweet girl (though I haven’t seen her at school yet so I don’t know if she is still there or not, her one year would be up end of the month).  I no longer saw Fannie around much because she was teaching again elsewhere.  Ok, still other moms to choose from.  Meet Barbie (definitely not her real name, though she is prettier than Barbie and ten times nicer than I think Barbie would be if she wasn’t all plastic and make believe).  She’s not German.  She’s from somewhere extremely north of here and someplace very cold.  This morning as we were both walking to turn in the school lunch orders for our respective kids, she’s holding her 3 year old telling me I should really come to the toddler group.  I’m thinking this would be great, I’ve always liked Barbie and she’s kinda glamorous, definitely rich without being snotty and always dressed perfectly, but so sweet and nice too (I find this is a rare combo here).  She tells me Thursday will be her last playgroup as she’s going to be working again.  Darn, I really like her too though we don’t have tons in common.  The only other mom I could easily walk up to and talk with while waiting for the kids to come out of school started working this summer full time (she’s a neuro doc) and her nanny while American would not be someone to chat with.  She seems to have other nanny friends at school.  This may not seem a big deal but I am a sorta shy person, despite my blog (haha), and waiting around for ten minutes everyday after school and before school with no one to chat with kinda sucks.

So if your looking to enroll your kid in an english school in the middle of Germany let me know.  Maybe we can be playground friends. 

One thought on “Making (and losing) Friends

  1. I wish I could hon. I have always wanted to meet you and catch up on other terms than a computer screen. Maybe now that Boo is back in school, a new “fancy named” gal will appear, but this time stay a while and have tea.


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