Contracts signed

We just finished signing the contracts this morning, so it is official.  I am hoping this apartment will be rented by one of the people coming through the next few days so I can stop worrying about keeping the place clean.  Not that a lot of people actually bother (as far as some places we’ve looked at) but to me, it matters if my home is clean.  Now the only time I have ever had people come see a place while I am living in it still is when we’ve been selling our house.  This coming through while we are still renting is new to me.  Also that if the person who wants to see the place doesn’t have an agent to walk them through, we in effect, become the agent.  We don’t get any money for it but we are expected to show the potential tenant the place.  It’s not a huge deal because I have to be here because the landlord doesn’t have the keys anyway, another first for me.  This is obviously very different from the way it usually is in my limited experience of renting apartments.  I never even saw my actual unit when I rented my first apartment because someone was living in it.  I saw the complex’s model which was a replica of the one I moved into.  This is a very different way of doing things.  Not good nor bad, just different.

On Thursday we are off to order the kitchen. This is going to be fun! We are pretty sure we have everything the way we want it for organization and space. It’s going to be really nice. We were going to go dirt cheap, after all it’s not like we are getting our dream life long kitchen installed here. But then cheap was really cheap looking so we have gone mid grade 🙂 And it’ll look really nice, very country-ish actually.  Counter tops and cabinet fronts are below.

3 thoughts on “Contracts signed

  1. Like the new look! What great fun getting to choose a kitchen and securing a stellar place for your family to live! I don’t envy the stress of packing and moving (we did that last year and- whew!) but maybe you have less stuff than we do? I didn’t think we had much, but just having three kids means that we have more than the average person even if we aren’t clutter bugs.Oh- and I’m with you on the inconvenience of people traipsing through. I DETESTED having to show our home when we were trying to sell. So hard with kids who make messes without warning.Tisra


  2. Tisra – As part of dh’s new job – they pack and move everything for us 🙂 They did that when we moved here and after always doing it ourselves in the past – I’ll never go back to that again! lolMartina – I’ve never seen her blog but just looked – that’s so funny! Our counters are a darker stain but it’s the same cabinets 🙂


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