I captured this beautiful sunrise yesterday morning.  It was about 8:15 am which means that the days are again getting longer.  Thank goodness!  I’ve been feeling the winter blues funk lately and here in Germany it hits especially hard.  I read on Mausi’s site that there are even tonics here to fight this.  Of course if you need to kick the winter blues head over to J’s site where you can scroll down a few posts to the disgusting pictures of his Thailand beach vacation.  (Warning jealousy will ensue upon looking at these pictures.)  But I am happy to see he has crash landed back into the world of German Weather.  Good to have you back!

The worst part is that it is very deceiving when you look out the huge windows here.  It’s absolutely sparkling with sunshine and you get al excited thinking ‘Ohhh!  It’s nice outside.  Quick grab the pram and lets walk to pick up Boo from school.’  Once outside you realize you should have grabbed scarf, mittens and a wool hat to combat the bitter frigid weather.  I think I miss snowy Maryland about now.  Even though every February we lived in the Northeast there was always some freak Noreaster snowstorm you could count on unseasonable temps from January on (and I mean the good kind of unseasonable.)  Heck, I fondly remember wearing shorts in mid April and turning on the AC come May.  If it wasn’t so darn expensive to move back there we’d be looking forward to a return in two years.  Of course our other dream option is Alexandria, Virginia.  Someone please win the lotto for me 🙂  To find out where you should live go to Find Your Spot for a cool quiz.
We had our second moving evaluation this morning.  And I can safely say hubby and I would love for this company to get the job.  They said they’d put our kitchen together even though they wouldn’t be moving it to the new house.  Hubby said he’d get the cabinets together but if they’d hang them and hook up the appliances, wahoo!  The guy even took a sketch of the kitchen plan with him.  Now, we had no idea they would do this and never mentioned it to the other company, so hopefully that won’t throw the bid too much.  
Not a lot going on at the moment.  Boo is playing soccer after school.  I can only imagine what that must be like for the coach.  12 boys between the ages of 5 and 7 fighting to kick a ball.  I wish parents were allowed to watch!
Hubby turns another year older on Saturday, which is good cause then that means he is officially one year and four months older than me and I can feel young for a bit longer.  Boo turns SIX on the first and I can hardly believe my baby boy is getting so old.  Makes me weepy for his tiny little baby self.  
But he still lets me cuddle him so I haven’t lost my ‘little’ boy completely.

2 thoughts on “Sunrise

  1. I was so surprised by how short the days are here in Germany. I’m from southern US, where we get cold snaps every now and then, but nothing like the winter here. Thanks for the sunrise pictures and the promise of longer days soon!


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