Child’s Apron

I need some help from the German readers.  My son’s 6th birthday is next week and we’ve found a great place to have his birthday party.  It is a restaurant that has make your pizza parties for kids.  The kids are shown how to make pizza’s and then get to make and eat their own pizzas.  What I want to do is provide a child size apron for each child as a party favor and maybe have their names put on them.  But I am having trouble finding them.  I searched using the translation of the english word apron and it came up with Schutblech, which it seems is a bike fender??  So I have no idea what I should be searching for.  If you know where I can get a child’s apron please let me know.  I think this would be a fun party favor!

5 thoughts on “Child’s Apron

  1. For all the kiddos in our life at Christmas, I bought children’s apron’s at JoAnn fabric, and hand embroidered their names ont hem. They looked super cute and all the kids loved them. I’m sure if you’re able to find them and do this, that his friend’s will love them, too. Fabric paint in the squeeze bottles might be faster for a party that will happen next week. Hope it all works out for you- the party sounds like it will be a blast!


  2. Aprons are a cute idea. I searched a bit but there doesn’t seem to be much available. Is there a hobby store in your area? Some department stores also have a small craft section where they might have plains aprons that you could decorate. There’s also this place that has some natural cotton ones for a great price.


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