Sick house and a PS2

The little guy has been sick with a croupy cough for over a week now and has been home from school.  He missed the Karneval parade at school (for which he actually wanted to participate this year).  I guess we will save his Linguini and Remy costume for halloween.  Poor thing.  And today is his 6th birthday too!  But he’s pretty excited about his new Playmobil construction set.  He and dad are attempting the ‘put-it-together’ phase right now.  For the price you would think they would come assembled.  I think we will be ordering in pizza tonight instead of going out since Boo really isn’t feeling up to a lot today.  

Thanks to everyone who chimed in on the apron question in my previous post.  I am going to order some from the site Mausi suggested once we have the final guest list.  I think the party will be a hit with the kids.
On to the fun stuff.  My 7th wedding anniversary is next month and I have come up with a good gift.  I mean a really good gift.  He already knows about it so I can ask for blogger opinions.  I want to get a PS2.  I’d love the Wii thing but woah!  I love him but I think we can find much better ways to send $700.  (wardrobes for the new house, carpets, hiring someone to install the kitchen, etc.)  I have looked a little bit at the system and a few games (Harry Potter for me, Ape Escape for dh and Ratatouille for Boo) and they look like fun.  I still remember when Nintendo came out and Duck Hunt.  Anyone else remember that one?  I found my dad playing it Christmas morning!  Dr Mario, Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt, those were the days.  I am not  a big gamer but I think we would all have fun playing with it.  We may not even need to get the SKY tv system if we have a PS2.  We’ve survived 2 years with only the basic cable that came with our apartment and a whole lot of videos.  
Do you have a PS2 and how do you like it?
Are there any advantages to the PS3 over the 2?  PS3 cost’s twice as much but since it’s the newest version is it really that much better?
Any games that are particularly fun? (and I stress, no violent games will be allowed in our house for any age)
So tell me all about Playstation’s and why we should get one.

2 thoughts on “Sick house and a PS2

  1. This is going to sound ridiculous, but up until this week we had all three platforms of gaming system: Wii, XBox 360, and a PS3. My husband is in a techie industry and got great deals on most of the stuff (comp’ed items from vendors or “at cost” rates). But, we got rid of the Wii- sold it this week on craigslist, in fact. It felt limited in use and quirky. There was novelty to it, and we were instantly thrilled to play the sports games as a family, but after that, the boys (all three of them if you include my husband) drifted back to the more traditional playing found with the PS3 and the XBox.The PS3 has the advantage of being a BluRay player also. No one knows which will win out (BluRay or HD DVD) but you’d have a Blue Ray if it ended up being the preferred disc style.Game-wise, I haven’t a clue- I don’t play really. Okay, I play guitar Hero and Rock Band (on the XBox… although I think you can get them for the PS, too). But, apart from that I don’t do video games. I know Grant and Dean LOVE Star Wars Legos. Other hits in our house are Madden Football, Tony Hawk skateboarding (with the “blood” feature turned off- can you believe that there is a setting to let the skater bleed when he falls?! Awful!), and car racing games.Best of luck. I can’t beleive I just wrote that much about video games and I don’t even play. Ha.


  2. ost, I didn’t evenknow what a P2s was! Max isn’t into those tings at all. He’d rather I plan a romantic weekend in Italy or a couples massage. I’m sorry the little one is sick. We are missing our first Karinval(sp) because Max is still ut of the country. Boo! I guess there is always next year!


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