iHeart my dh (and my new iPod)

Ah, nothing like the feel of a new piece of technology held in the palm of your hand.  Especially when it’s the newest iPod Nano being held in my hand.  My husband gave me my anniversary present last night (5 weeks early).  A pretty new hot pink iPod Nano.  He even had it engraved.  I already had the previous generation Nano that holds 4 gigs.  Lately I’ve had to take things on and off since I was hitting the limit whenever I purchased some new music.  Not any more.  My new 8 gig Nano holds our entire iTunes library which is 6.8 gb which breaks down to 1584 songs 1 video 18 podcasts and 3 games.  And I have 523 megabytes left.  

A lot will come off, namely all of my husbands country music, especially the Garth Brooks collection, and most of the podcasts which aren’t mine.  The old iPod will now stay in the car full time since we have iPod jacks that came with the car (by far one of the most important options when we leased our cars).  There will be no more forgetting the iPod in the house or in the car, it’ll just always be there when I need it.
My husband gave it to me as I was getting ready to clean up after dinner.  He said it would help me do the dishes.  He even had it set to my Doing the Dishes music – Madonna (I like a good beat to keep me going).  And it did help.  I think the dishes were done in record time.  
Most recent tunes heard on my iPod:
Jack Johnson – Banana Pancakes
Mat Kearney – Nothin to Lose
Dave Matthews – Crash
Rascal Flatts – My Wish
What’s playing on your iPod?

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