Half the Sky Foundation

I recently read on two blogs (Sarah and Karen) about the Half the Sky Foundation.  I know that this foundation helps the children in orphanages around China.  You can donate money to the foundation in order to have a Granny (as they are called) come and spend extra time with your child while they are in China.  Even just half an hour a week out of their cribs interacting with someone can make a big difference to these children.  While the caregivers do what they can the orphanages are so crowded with children, they often cannot devote the true time a child needs in regard to individual attention.  Right now they are in a serious crisis in China because of winter storms, called Spring Festival Storms 

These are certainly not festivals.  These are serious situations where orphanages have no power, no diapers, no heat, no warm clothing or blankets for the children in freezing temperatures.  As I read through the very long list of institutions affected by this I felt my heart sink to think of these children in China in such need.  My daughter may not have been born in China but she is Chinese.  And I thank God that she had such good care in her first home in Taiwan.
Please consider making a donation to help the Half the Sky Foundation brings these children just the simplest basics like heat, warm blankets and diapers.
Thank you.

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