What’s out the kitchen window?

I can thank Diane for this post today.  I stumbled upon her funny blog via an ex-pat women’s site (which I found via Christina G).  There was a request from another blog Lulu’s Bay…in Cairo to post what the view is out of your kitchen window.  For the next TEN days my view is rather unexciting.   

Our apartment covers the 2nd and 3rd floors (3 and 4 for American counting) and the view out the 2nd story kitchen looks onto the walkway to the row of houses behind us.  Although once we move the view out the new kitchen window doesn’t get any better.  You’ll see my car and my driveway.  Hopefully I’ll get one of those planter boxes and do some of these gorgeous flowers that I will try in vain not to kill.  (My thumbs are flesh colored not green).  Or out the second window on the side you get a view of the neighbors house.  The view out the living room at the back of the house is amazing, all hills and trees and green and country.  Ah, ten days, I can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “What’s out the kitchen window?

  1. I like your view – it makes me feel homesick… The picture in your header is lovely too.. just the sort of view I like when I am walking in Germany. Thanks for taking part – it is a blast to peek through other people’s windows.Cheers Lynda


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