The countdown begins

The old old homestead in Maryland

In exactly 5 days we will be the proud renters of a house with lots of space, a yard and a country view.  To say that I can’t wait would be a huge understatement.  The movers will be here next Tuesday to pack us up so I should be going though all the cubbies, drawers and various hiding places to remove the junk I really don’t want to be moved (like the school phone list from two years ago that’s outdated, random stickers, kids press on tattoos – might save those just for fun – various scraps of paper with old grocery lists and receipts for last year; you know the junk stuff we all have laying around).  We brought some of these things with us when we moved here two years ago.  It was almost two years ago I stood in my morning room of my beautiful house crying my eyes out lamenting how we could be so stupid to agree to move to a foreign country… times have changed, at least a little bit.  You see, we were originally offered just a one year extension this past November.  After a bit of thought, I said why not just make it two years?  It’s easier by far to get a new lease on a car or house if you are agreeing to two years versus one.  So I’ve no one but myself to blame if I feel sad.  Which, other than missing some US items, I really don’t feel sad to be staying.  I am definitely hoping for a trip to the US before fall, otherwise I may go postal (and it’s weird that Germans don’t get what that means…)  I am excited to get my new kitchen, a quiet ‘country’ house, a big yard for my kids to play in, and more space than I probably want to clean.

It is odd how we went from a house about 3000 sq ft to a place about 1400 sq ft (which until Chick came really wasn’t so bad) to the new place about 1800 sq ft.  I do wonder what we will choose once we do move back home.  Will we want an extra big house because we’ve been making do with something smaller?  I know a kitchen with a LOT of room is pretty much the most important thing for me (well, and a garage for the car).  Will we go smaller because we have gotten used to being in a smaller space?  The same holds true for cars.  We both have much smaller cars here than we did in the US.  Am I still going to want that mini-van again?  Or an SUV?  Two years is still a long way away and yet I can say that where have the past two years gone?
It is very interesting what you get used to when you have to.

3 thoughts on “The countdown begins

  1. I relate to so much that you wrote even though I’ve only been here a few months! It will be interesting to follow your adventures in repatriation once it happend. You’d better be blogging then!


  2. I know a family that discovered how nice it was to live in a smaller when they lived in Germany because they had to interact with each other more than in a big house. When they moved back to England, they bought a house about the same size as they had here.


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