Passion for language

I have this thing for wanting to learn languages.  Not that I have done anything about it for learning German (way too complicated) but I love using my basic French whenever I get the chance.  I was thrilled last year when on the streets of Paris a man approached me and asked me in French if I knew where the nearest metro station was.  And I answered back in French, no I am just visiting!  It was exhilarating to put my basic knowledge to actual real life use.  I would love to take lessons to improve my French even though I would have no one to converse with.

Another language I’d love to learn is Gaelic.  
Why you ask?
Several reasons actually.  It all started with these books I’ve been reading for the last several years by Diana Gabaldon.  The Outlander series I think they call it.  It takes place in the 1700’s Scotland and then the colony of North Carolina.  But most of the main characters are Scottish and speaking Gaelic every so often.  
The second reason being my heritage is Scottish.  My great-great-grandparents were immigrants from Glasgow, Scotland.  Leaving Glasgow and passing through Ellis Island in the 1800’s.  Since we plan to go to Scotland (now likely next year as this years vacations are already filled up) I have been researching as much as I can about my family on my mother’s side.  I found the family tartan, crest and bit of ‘name’ history.  Through Ellis Island records we actually have found the ship they sailed on.  My sister has my great-great grandmother’s immigration papers somewhere.
After visiting Ireland in 2006 and seeing signs written in Gaelic, I’ve just become fascinated by it.  I have absolutely no idea what it sounds like being spoken but I am interested in learning.  I am thinking I may try one of those cd learning tools for Gaelic.  
I’d love to be able to sit down and order a famous whisky in the local pub when we go to Scotland.   And do it in Gaelic.

One thought on “Passion for language

  1. It sounds like you are really enjoying researching your family background. I also love languages, but German is a killer. I dread doing my German homework. Right now I ma using your blog as an excuse not to do it. Thanks for that!


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