Going offline

I will be offline for about a week or so while we get moved and get new internet set up.  I’ll miss reading all my favorite blogs!  

Next report will be on life in the country and the joys of finding all my stuff again!

5 thoughts on “Going offline

  1. Andrea,Happy moving! We moved house last year and here is an unsolicited tip (ignore if this is way too detailed for you!): I numbered all my boxes, and kept a list with each number and a summary of contents that I filled out as I packed that box. I still wrote a general hint as to what was inside on the cardboard box, but the double system really helped us find specifics before we unpacked everything. Finding “Box 89” is way easier than trying to read all the descriptions and guess if that is the right “kitchen box”. It also helped us inventory and make sure the movers didn’t loose a box somewhere.And, about our trip, we’re probably only doing the one day Chunnel trip to Paris, and haven’t decided what day. So, I likely won’t know until we’re there in England. Sounds like you’re super busy now anyway. I’m sure we’ll meet someday stateside!


  2. Good luck moving! Kobi & I will be thinking of you guys:)Doesn’t it make you sick to think of the square footage that once was? I watch way to much HGTV & I swear if we just moved out of MD I’d have a real kitchen and a sunken family room for half the price of what this place cost. LOL!


  3. Andrea, WOO HOO! It is finally time to take off and then to unpack all that you worked hard to get packed! I hope you love, love, love your new home! And that the kids adjust easily and love it too!


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