Hello beloved bloggerland!

I’m finally back.  We have a phone and internet:  And I built my desk and set up the computer and it feels good not to be using my thumbs to send emails anymore!  It has been a very interesting experience this moving business.  I will share a bit more this evening as it’s close to school pick up time.  But to keep you interested in the details here are some possible titles for my moving post:

1.  Welcome to the neighborhood!  The story of being robbed after one night on the block.  (stuff from our car so don’t get too freaked out, but ultimately not a fun morning.)
2.  Where oh where has the silverware gone?
3.  It Snows:  why I really, really miss my garage
So tune in later for the details.  Suffice it to say, we are still alive but boxes abound.

3 thoughts on “Hello beloved bloggerland!

  1. Welcome back. You’re totally right, moving does suck. That’s why I’m still in the same dump.Sorry to hear about the troubles, but I’m looking forward to reading about your move.


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