The Move Post

OK.  As from the previous post, there’s been a bit of ‘fun’ involved in this move.  Let’s go back to the beginning…

Once upon a Tuesday, 4 movers showed up early one morning.  I certainly liked the advice I got from other bloggers about labeling the boxes with my own inventory system so I’d know where everything was.  But, that was not to be.  These guys packed things up so quick there was no way I could have seen what was going in which box and labeled it even if I wasn’t entertaining an errant toddler.  For the most part as soon as it was packed, the box was gone.  Since this was only our second time ever having anyone pack and move us, I have limited knowledge of the ins and outs of this ‘system’ they have.  I can only say that our American movers were wonderful.  We had no problems springing for the pizzas and sodas at lunch for the group.  Our things were lovingly packed in paper and neat and organized for their 6,000 mile journey.  Not so with a 5km move organized by this group in Germany.  The first thing they did was organize a coffee break.  With our coffee machine (which upon unloading our things was the first thing they set up for themselves.  That’s taking some liberty!)  This was one of many breaks through the day along with sitting on our balcony and smoking.  (barf!  No offense to those who smoke but it is sooo gross to us nonsmokers.)  I thought ok, I sure hope they get this done and nothing gets broken.  They did wrap all the dishes, but nada, not even a stitch of anything around picture frames and other breakables.  The pitched everything into boxes as is.  On day two we told them to please just leave and we’ll unpack ourselves.  Everything is in all different rooms and mixed up.  I have solely concentrated on getting the living room and kitchen functioning.  Because in three days we will have a bunch of over hyper five and six year olds tearing through the house for the birthday party.  I am definitely putting my sweet Mac back in her box and putting her in the upstairs closet on Sunday.  I’m not wiling to risk the potential for damage.
I have been living out of the same clothes basket since all my clothes are still in the many many boxes in our bedroom.  I just don’t have time to try to find anything.  And me being me, I will have to wash them once they come out of the boxes before I am willing to wear them.  I really don’t want to smell like cardboard.
So that’s the packing/unpacking saga.  Now to the Welcome To The Neighborhood part.
We spent Wednesday night here in our new home all tucked up warm and cozy (and boxed in, haha).  I was busy getting Chick dressed in the morning when hubby comes back inside, from where he was attempting to get in the car to go to work, and tells me someone broke into his car.  And stole things.  Not cheap things.  iPod and portable navigation – gone.  I was thinking how the heck did they still the navigation?  I was confusing it with the one in my current car which is built in.  The I grasped he was talking about his TomTom.  It wasn’t in view, just the mount was.  The iPod wasn’t in view either but I guess if someone’s going to rob you that really doesn’t matter.  We are very thankfully, you stupid robbers, for not getting into the trunk of his car.  Where his briefcase and work laptop and all the irreplaceable data was.  We are grateful you at least didn’t take that.  Hubby went to the neighbors to get the number for the police and they were shocked by the theft.  So at least it wasn’t a common thing around here.  After thinking about it for awhile we came to the conclusion we were an ideal target.  This is very much a working class neighborhood.  And I in no way mean that in a bad sense.  Most of the cars here are older, Opels and Peugeots and the like.  Not two new BMW’s.  And with the fact it was pretty obvious we were new to the neighborhood (it’d be hard to do anything without the neighbors seeing, its actually a very nosy place but in a good way 🙂  It was a stupid little mistake that the car was left unlocked.  With everything else it simply got overlooked.  No chance that will happen again though.
It has certainly been interesting weather as well.  We have in the first week now experienced hurricane force winds and snow.  I love the ‘country’.
And now the non napping Chick calls me to my motherly duties.  Add ‘no naps’ to the list of moving woes.

2 thoughts on “The Move Post

  1. Welcome back to Blogland!! BOY… you do have a moving story to tell. Those movers sound crazy if you ask me. I would have gone in to cardic arrest if they just threw picture frames, etc into a box with no bubble wrap. I hope you get reacquainted with all your belongings again real soon:) Now go find the punk neighbor kid who probably took your Tom Tom!


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