The 100 km Dash (or it felt like it)

The day starts at 4:30am (thanks Chick!)  and continues from there…

1. School drop off
2. Gas for the car
3. Bank for money
4.  Dry cleaners
5. Bakery, Chick and I are hungry
6. Edeka for food for the party
7. Müller for markers and party bags (which they didn’t have)
8. Home to eat lunch and attempt Chick’s nap (nope, still not nappin’)
9. Globus because of course I forgot stuff for ice cream sundaes for the party (Chick falls asleep in car, short drive ensues) also find party bags, though Easter themed, oh well
10. Home for a snack
11. School for pick-up
This party isn’t for two days and I am already pooped!  Next year Piratenland or Troiki’s here we come.

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