Post Party and New Car Day

We are post party now by one day.  I think the kids had fun for the most part.  We only had four kids plus Boo because one had left for holiday already, one was sick and one never rsvp’d.  So five was the magic number of the day.  One child was pretty wild so we spent a lot of time outside between activities.  Rather I should say hubby and the kids had fun outside.  Little Chick and I stayed inside (I thought she’d get knocked over by the big kids) and cleaned up or organized the next event.  The apron coloring was a pretty good success.  Most of the kids enjoyed doing it.  (one exception.)  Pizza making was also a hit and I think they turned out pretty yummy.

They went outside and in again and again between pizza making and sundaes and eating.  The cleanup wasn’t so bad either.  
Once blogger cooperates I can get some pictures uploaded.  Currently it keeps giving me an error message.
Today is also exciting; it’s new car day.  I know J had asked what we were getting.  I will wait until tomorrow (unless I can get a good pic by the remaining daylight tonight) to upload a picture.  Hubby is taking my car today and picking up the new one on the way home from work.  The kids and I are skipping the event because it takes place at 5 which is prime witching-whining dinner hour around here.
If you do iTunes head over there for the free song of the week – Ana Laan’s Paradise.  It’s from the Latin section and is very mellow and fun.  I like it.  I may just have to get the album for our upcoming trip.  
We are heading to New Jersey for a week for the Easter holiday.  It was a very last minute decision but we snagged three last row seats on Continental for a good price (Chicky is still a lap child for a few more months.)  We are looking forward to a ‘home’ visit very much and stocking up on our diminished US staples.
I will try the pics again in a bit, it’s time to wake the little man for school.  I have a feeling if I let him he’d sleep till noon today!

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