That New Car Smell

As promised I’ve taken a picture of the new car.  Isn’t she pretty?  It’s raining so that’s been taken out of the kitchen window.  And the finger is so my license plate is blurred.  It’s a BMW 318i in Monaco Blue.  Mmm, she drives smooth too.  It’s got the soft light grey interior which is much nicer than the dark grey I had before.I also like the benzein engine versus the diesel we had before.  Quieter.  We took the car to Starbucks in City Center last night for a trial run.  The kids like the view from the backseat just fine.  And – cupholders!  The American’s are just not getting what’s so exciting about the cupholders but my old car had just one tiny cupholder – under the armrest in the middle of the car.  This new car has two cupholders that are concealed in the dash.  You push the little ‘button’ and they slide out.  Chick and I had a playdate this morning and they live on one of those tiny streets in the big old houses so parallel parking was in order.  Yep, that did just fine too.  I’ll take a picture of the cupholder and of the cool integrated window shades in the back for the kids later.  The iPod sounds great in the car as well.  The next step, does the stroller fit in the trunk?  We’ll test that out later.     *I’ve had a thought, I think this pretty girl’s name should be Lucy 🙂

4 thoughts on “That New Car Smell

  1. Although I’m not a big fan of this generation 3 series, yours looks great in that color.Why didn’t you see if the stroller fit before you got it? That is quite important for you.


  2. No worries, J. The stroller fits. I think this car, even though its only the sedan version of my previous car, is somehow bigger than the wagon. In the two years since we got the old car I think the 3 has gotten bigger. The stroller didn’t fit so well in the old car. I did debate it, but I figured it’s so pretty, I’d rather buy a new stroller than give up the car 🙂


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