Blast from the Past

Spokane City view of falls

Today when I signed on to check my emails, I did my usual surf through the spam just to make sure nothing was there.  I saw an email from a people connection site I had signed up for a long time ago.  It’s to help locate high school or college friends.  It goes to spam because I never use it anymore.  But today I opened that email.  And I got a (pleasant) shock.  My best friend from 9th grade to freshman year of college had emailed me.  I had talked with her a few times when we lived in Delaware since she was living in the town where my parents used to live and had bumped into my mom.  But I hadn’t heard from her in six years.  It was very nice to find this little email asking if I was indeed Andrea H. from town G.  I have emailed her back and I am hoping to hear from her.  It would be fun to connect with her again.  Many a night and day did we spend hanging out at the mall or each others respective homes during high school.  We shared a locker, took turns driving to school and did the crazy things good teenage girls do (talk about boys and clothes 🙂

My cousin M is getting married in August and we plan to go back to Spokane for the wedding.  We had planned to visit my family anyway but now we will focus on being there for the wedding, which I have to say will be wonderful to get to be there for.  Heck, I remember when M was born.  She is I think 5 or 6 years younger than me?  Anyway it’ll be a fun wedding and family event and maybe if my old BFF is living in the area we can meet up as well.
Gosh what a morning!

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